About Us

Constantly growing and evolving, it is tough to keep pace with the digital marketing realm.  Your digital program needs to evolve and change consistently to stay relevant.  You need experts to leverage creativity with technology to get your customers to hear, see, and engage with you.

Annie M Creative started with an idea.  How do we take this incredible amount of knowledge and experience with marketing and technology, and use it for good?  We’ve heard too many times that companies have technical but not creative assets or vice versa, they can’t afford the big marketing firm price tag, or they don’t understand how to connect the dots after everything is created.  That’s when we set out to make the ideal digital marketing cocktail.  Start with essential advertising and marketing strategies, add superior creative design abilities, mix in equal parts social media, SEO, audio and video production, online reputation management, and top it all off with excellent communication techniques.  Our favorite part; it’s cost efficient.  Voila – digital marketing at its best.